New Nakhichevan Armenian

Brief Information

New Nakhichevan Armenian is a language of a group of Armenians living compactly in Rostov Oblast, mainly in Myasnikovsky District. The language has other names such as Crimea-Nor-Nakhichevan Armenian, Nor-Nakhichevan Armenian, Don Armenian, Crimea-Ani Armenian, Ani Armenian.

The language is endangered. According to the 2010 census, there are 13154 speakers of New Nakhichevan Armenian. 


New Nakhichevan Armenian is a variety of Armenian, which forms an independent branch of the Indo-European language family.


New Nakhichevan Armenian speakers reside compactly in Rostov Oblast. The vast majority lives in Myasnikovsky District but a small number of speakers also live in neighboring districts.

Language functioning

No legal status.

No writing system.

Dynamics of language usage

Language proficiency is significantly reduced among younger generations. 

Core references

Grammatical descriptions: grammars, sketches

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Corpora and text collections

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Other electronic resources